National Robotics Week

March 24, 2018

National Robotics Week is coming up this April and I have been invited to join the team at Startable Pittsburgh!  I will be teaching basic fabrication along side some of my favorite Pittsburgh Makers.  As I will be helping the students design and make components for their robots and sticking to the hardware aspect of the build.  The software and electronics will be taught by Ryan Bates, a brilliant electrical engineer and Maker.  If you are interested in electronics or video games you should visit his web site where he sells his hand made miniature video game cabinets and other electronics kits that he has designed and assembled himself.  

Sculpture Class with Assemble!

January 01, 2020

I am honored to say that I have been asked by the extraordinary team at Assemble to teach a sculpture class for local youth on January 30th.  Assemble is a non profit that brings STEAM education to local Pittsburgh youth.  It is organizations like Assemble that make me so proud to be a Pittsburgh native.  Instructors like Jayla Patton, an accomplished illustrator and animator, bring new methods of education and creativity their community and truly bring out the best in those who spend their time investing in the culture and future creators of Pittsburgh. 


Impossible Insects in the Invade the Museum!

November 13, 2017

"The Impossible Insects" will be continuing their stay in The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh!  This installation has been on display in the "Attic" section of the museum, you may know this as the area also devoted to puppetry and oddities.  Justin was thrilled at the opportunity to have his work on display within such an amazing part of Pittsburgh's culture.  Recently it was decided that the "Impossible Insects will be staying on display and a new theme would be revealed each month.  

Each new theme will debut new glass insects in different display environments.  For more information about the latest display, and photos of previous installations, click the button below.  

"Impossible Insects"

"There are certain artistic mediums that are perfect for specific subjects.  Silicones for human likenesses for example or wood carving for snakes, which sounds odd but one look at the work of Mike Stinnett and you will see what I mean.  For insects it's glass. I have been extremely fortunate to have been exposed to an amazing group of glass artists that have encouraged my experiments.  The "Impossible Insects" collection will be seeing several new pieces in the near future that I would say are very experimental..."       


- Justin     


This collection focuses on life sized glass likenesses of actual insect species.  Entomology, or the study of insects, is the main inspiration for this series. 


"There is so much to learn when it comes to creating these creatures in both the study of their anatomy and in the manipulation of the glass to produce a convincing piece.  I'm just excited to take on the challenge."

- Justin

To see the current pieces in the collection click on the button below.



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