You found one of the Easter Eggs!

You may have have read through my bio in the "About" section of this site.   If you did then you know that I spent a few years as a Special Effects Artist occasionally working on films and making prop replicas.


  This was a huge part of my life and even though I have semi-stepped away from that part of my artistic journey, and yes that is a corny phrase and I don't care this is an Easter Egg that almost no one will see so ha, I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that I was given and the learning experiences that came with them.  

Clay has all ways and will all ways be a part of my life.  It is still the material that makes me feel most creative and the smell of warm Chavant NSP Clay brings me more joy than I can express in a sane way.

I hope you enjoy this brief peek into my past work, though an unfortunate byproduct of working in the independent film industry is that 30% of the projects that I have worked on haven't and never will be released and due to fine print I have no images to show.  What about the rest, 60% I will never show because it's awful haha.  Glad I had the experience but not in a hurry to relive it. 

Anyway have a look around and feel free to email me at with questions or comments and please mark the email's subject line with, "I found one of the Easter Egg!".  

Talk to you soon!